Thursday, March 22, 2012



Pinky Swear

The other day I had them pinky swear that they would always love each other...protect each other...respect each other...and to forgive each be good caring siblings all of their lives.  When I had my little Blueberry  my soul was saddened to think that someday he would be alone in this world without a sibling. That makes my sweet Lemondrop all the more important  and special in our family.  She was the secret wish of my mama heart....

Four Months

Monday, February 27, 2012


Sometimes little lemondrop is true to her name...a bitter sweet baby. Mama tried hard to catch a smile while making silly faces and barnyard noises. Though my pig call is lacking, my rooster crow can be pretty impressive. I guess it  was more important to enjoy her fingers and find her toes than to focus on the crazy antics of her mama. Such serious focus to ignore my horse neighs and whinnies. 

Sitting Pretty


My little boy's corner of his toy world. A place of his own in our tiny home. I wish for him the creation of happy memories of play and learning. He plays with everything...from cardboard paper towel tubes to the baby rattles. All things catching a moment of his blueberry imagination...(note: E took the photo of his dino buddies with Mama's camera...he was thrilled with the result...)